Social Media Marketing


Get Social! 

These days everyone and every brand should have social media marketing and management as a component in a marketing plan. Don't have time or rather have digital social media marketing experts handle the details of creating content and imagery for your social media platforms? The RGM Team is here to help our clients no matter what time zone or location in the world you may be. We offer a few different types of plans for social media marketing and management. We will customize each program based on your social business needs and goals. 


Social Media Marketing

Plans: 3 Months | 6 Months | Yearly



Capturing the details of those special moments are key with social media marketing. Don't want to handle the social media marketing daily? We have you covered!  Our plans range from three month, six month and yearly social plans. We offer social media marketing and management plans for Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram, and more.

We post live and schedule posts for clients, create content, create and select appropriate imagery based on the brand and goals. Our team takes pride in helping our clients build a strong and dynamic online footprint.


Social Media Marketing
Building Services 

Instagram | Twitter | LinkedIn | Pinterest



Need to create a following for your current social media accounts? Would you like to have a global following? We have creative methods to help our clients build a healthy following.
Our building service options are offered in three and six and twelve month plans. 


Social Media Marketing
Social Ghosting   

 Programs based on live posting & details for events 



Want to have someone handle your social media accounts during special events, lectures, or meetings? We offer social media ghosting services so you can concentrate on what you do best and we will handle the posting of your images and content live. The RGM team can offer comment management and questions while social ghosting. We have an hourly rate for this service for Instagram, Facebook & Twitter. Contact us about details. If you would like us to be on location we are happy to travel based on scheduling and details.