Stephie Rockwell

The Social Butterfly - CEO

In this fast-paced digital world, people and companies need an expert team to build their brand the right way, and our team does just that! Remember, the social world never sleeps.
— Stephie Rockwell

Stephie Rockwell, CEO is a seasoned veteran in the world of digital and social media marketing. Graduating with a BA in Psychology from Boston University, this Social Butterfly has been creative and loving what she does for her client's! Her combined business savvy, creative drive and entrepreneurial spirit has since led her to create Rockwell Global Media. The growing shift in technology has truly changed the way we communicate. 

Using her innovative and fresh ideas, Stephie Rockwell and her dedicated RGM Team have spearheaded digital marketing for companies and people.  She takes a very active role with her clients to achieve client's goals for branding, website design, social platforms to digital press releases. All design projects and monthly plans are specifically created by Rockwell and tailored for the clients’ digital marketing goals that stay consistent with their brand.



Industries Represented 

  • Art

  • Aviation

  • Design

  • Fashion

  • Finance

  • Health

  • Jewelry

  • Law

  • Medical

  • Music 

  • Photography 

  • Real Estate: Commercial

  • Real Estate: Residential

  • Restaurants

  • Technology

  • Writers