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Stephie Rockwell, Rockwell Global Media

Stephie RockwellStephie Rockwell, CEO of Rockwell Global Media is a seasoned veteran in the world of digital and social media marketing. Graduating with a BA in Psychology from Boston University, this Social Butterfly began working in finance, consulting and fashion buying, and fashion public relations, before parlaying these experiences into her own custom-designed jewelry and fashion apparel business. She is also an Executive Editor for Embark Magazine, which is an international luxury interior design publication. To take a look at the latest issue of Embark Magazine click the link

She has a passion to give back and sits on the boards for the GBDC Entrepreneurship Institute and The Painted Trees of Hawaii Foundation. The GBDC Entrepreneurship Institute is a non-profit that helps individuals that would like to be entrepreneurs through training, business coaching and technical assistance with an emphasis placed on young entrepreneurs. GBDC Entrepreneurship Institute’s updated programs and how you can make a difference are located on their website: http://www.gbdcei.comThe Painted Trees of Hawaii Foundation was started as an effort to build awareness and an appreciation of these natural beauties. To learn more about the foundation or to donate to plant a  painted eucalyptus tree go to their website: .

The Social Butterfly

Her combined business savvy, creative drive and entrepreneurial spirit has since led her to create Rockwell Global Media. The growing shift in technology and innovation has truly changed the way we communicate.

I am always fascinated with how innovation and new developments in technology constantly change our society. Social media is such a driving tool used for marketing. People can now communicate globally not just on a local level.

Using her innovative and fresh ideas, Stephie Rockwell and her RGM Team has spearheaded digital marketing campaigns and brands companies for RGM clients. She takes a very active role with her RGM Team in creating new accounts on social platforms for clients, managing and editing pre-existing social media platforms, and tailoring clients’ social media to stay consistent with their brand and targeted marketing goals.

In this fast-paced digital world, companies need help to build their brand the right way, and our team does just that! Remember, the social world never sleeps.
– Stephie Rockwell
The Social Butterfly